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April 9th Holiday


I do not have too many antiques. I have always been intrigued by them, but haven’t had the wherewithal to pursue it with any real interest. Plus, the whole antique thing doesn’t really meld well with my personal decorating aesthetic. I do see pieces on tv shows or that other people have that I think are fantastic. The thing about antiquing though is that it takes a lot of time and skill to hunt down those amazing finds. Or you could just go onto ebay or etsy and pay a little bit of a premium to get exactly what you want. I know if I ever really get into it, that is probably what I would do since I am enthralled by online shopping. For today’s holiday I pulled out the one prized antique I hold in my arsenal, my Grandmother’s engagement ring: 

Pretty, isn’t it? I asked my Grandma back when I was getting married if I could borrow a piece of her jewelry for my something borrowed. She let me look through her loaded jewelry box and I pulled out this number. It fit perfectly and matched the whole color scheme and look of my other wedding jewels. She, of course, let me borrow it with no question. When I attempted to return it after the wedding, she insisted that I keep it. She was in the process of letting all of us female grandkids pick out one piece that we wanted to keep. She knew since this one now held sentimental value for me that this would be the one I would want. I do not wear it much because I think it is too precious and fancy for me to wear on a regular basis. I only bring it out if I am getting really dressed up for a special occasion. I did, however, wear it today to commemorate the holiday. It is a true antique and heirloom to me and I will always cherish it.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


 Song of the Day:

“Cherish” by Madonna, how fitting!


P.S. – I suppose Madonna could be considered an antique nowadays too, huh?