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April 6th Holiday


The purpose of today’s holiday is to honor your Scottish heritage. Since I have no cool heritage to speak of (as we discovered on Ancestry Day) my family obviously does not have a special tartan. I just decided I would find a lovely tartanish pattern that I liked and deem it my own personal print for the day. I happened upon this delightful scarf on mega clearance at Target: 

Tartan like? I think so! Although it is Spring, and it was a balmy 60 degrees today, I wore this scarf alllll day. Work, dinner, movie….it was on the whole time. No one seemed to question why I was wearing a Winter scarf either, I guess people are used to me just being odd by now. Here I am at the end of my long tartan wearing day: 

Too bad my family doesn’t have a real tartan pattern. I like the colors on this scarf though, so I was happy to wear it proudly today.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $4.88

Clip of the Day:

The ultimate Scot:


P.S. – Get in my belly!