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April 4th Holiday


Since I have been quite the slacker on my holidays lately (I fully admit this, it has been a rough couple of weeks) I wanted to make sure I celebrated this one in a fun way. What is the easiest, most natural way to get some extra vitamin C? Eat an orange! Rich, Roman and I were visiting some friends of ours and I decided it would be a good idea to make sure everyone got their full daily dose of vitamin C for today’s holiday. We stopped off at the store and I picked up a ripe bag of California oranges:

After our dinner, I passed them out to everyone as a delightful after dinner treat. The kiddies like them:

 Or not….(check out Heather in the background, she was highly amused):

Seconds after this picture Roman threw the orange down in disgust. He got a little taste of the bitter peel and that was it for his adventure with the orange. Everyone else liked them though:

Jerred missed the group shot so he got a solo pic:

Hope you all got enough vitamin C today, you don’t want to get scurvy!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $2.88


Song of the Day:

Vitamin C’s one-hit wonder:

P.S. – Total high school flashback with this jam.