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April 2nd Holiday


Today’s holiday is all about karma. We all have heard of karma, whether you believe in it or not is up to you. I personally do believe in karma. I at least feel like if you are a good person you will bring good energy and vice versa. It is the universe’s way of evening things out. The creators of today’s holiday want people to do something good for someone else and in turn, feel good about oneself in the process. One of the main things they suggested was cleaning out your closet and then donating your old clothes. You are giving away something you don’t need/want anymore while also improving your own lot in life by clearing out some space in your house. Since I have already cleaned and donated my clothes several times this year already, I decided to get some good karma in another way. I haven’t donated any money the past few months because of our ‘new house savings plan’. Well, since we STILL do not know what is happening with that, I thought it would be alright if I donated $20 bucks to a charity that will put better use to it than me. I chose The United Way for Southeastern Michigan:

I wanted to donate to a local charity that I haven’t donated to before so this seemed like a good choice. My money will be used for ‘Education, Income and Basic Needs. These are the three building blocks that every individual needs for a good life. Through the Agenda for Change, United Way is aggressively tackling critical community issues in these three areas to create lasting change for people in metro Detroit.’ Hopefully my act of kindness will result in a little bit of good karma coming my way soon!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $20

Clip of the Day:

The 12 Laws of Karma:

P.S. – Oh shoot, I didn’t realize there were LAWS for karma!