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March 29th Holiday


Some will say that mom and pop businesses are the glue of America. They are essentially the epitome of the American dream, aren’t they? You go into business doing something you (hopefully) love, you’re your own boss and you are the main person controlling your success.  Sounds perfect, but also sounds like a lot of work. Today’s holiday is to honor all of those brave folks that followed their dreams and took the plunge into business ownership. By doing so these people have known debt, hardship, long hours, little sleep as well as success, satisfaction, profit and pride. I know a lot of small business owners may have never reached the latter part of those feelings, but the ones that do get there should be very happy that they were able to achieve their goals. I celebrated today’s holiday by getting my lunch from a local bakery rather than a large chain restaurant today. Maria’s Italian Bakery:

I am starting to get my mayonnaise cravings again (this happened last pregnancy, it’s gross…I know…) so I was all about a chicken salad sandwich today. Yum yum:

I also splurged and got a cannoli to wash it down. I forgot to take a picture of that because I go into crazy sugar mode after a meal so it was gone before I even realized what happened. I looked up a list of big name companies that started their humble beginnings as mom and pop businesses. A couple of these were a little surprising:

Ben & Jerry’s


Burt’s Bees

Yankee Candle Company


Whole Foods

I’ll reserve my rant on Wal-Mart, but the irony of that beast starting out as a mom and pop business is laughable. I give all small business owners a great big pat on the back today. I believe it takes a lot of guts to start your own business and I wish everyone who tries all the luck and success in the world!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $7.49


Song of the Day:

It’s one of those ‘nothing to do with the holiday’ songs, but the video always makes me smile so I thought I would share:

P.S. – Rock it out!