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March 24th Holiday


I will admit, I celebrated this holiday a teensy bit early. Rich and I went, along with half of the American population, to see The Hunger Games on Friday night. I decided that since we were at the movies it was the perfect setting to enjoy some Raisinets. Look how excited we are about it:

Of course we didn’t purchase these at theater concessions. We did the logical thing…stuffed my purse full of enough candy and beverages to sustain us for days. I am not too keen on raisins, but you slap some chocolate on them and anything tastes good. I like Raisinets and they were a nice change from my typical movie candy choices. So, how was the movie? I thought it was great. I am pretty easy to please though, I basically like all movies. Rich was not as impressed. He said they skipped over a lot of stuff that was in the book and he was a little disappointed. I explained to him that the movie was already 2 1/2 hours long, they had to make some cuts somewhere. He still liked it though, he just says that books are always going to be better than movies. He also said that if he was a chick he probably would have liked it better. BTW – Rich is Team Gale and I’m Team Peeta. There is a large rift forming in our marriage as we speak…

Total Cost to Celebrate: $1

Clip of the Day:

Catch some rays, catch some Raisinets, oh yeah!:


P.S. – Oh you better believe I was singing this song while eating my ‘chocolate covered sunshine’.