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March 22nd Holiday 


Today’s holiday celebrates…..seals! I bet you never would have guessed that based on the name of the holiday, huh? I would have liked to take a few pictures of the seals when we were at the zoo the other day, but they were missing in action. In fact, at lot of animals were still hibernating apparently. Today’s special day was brought about ‘to draw attention to the cruelty of seal hunts and the virtual inevitability of these creatures’ extinction.’ To celebrate, I decided not to go and club any seals today. Good plan, right? 🙂 I also did my best impression of a circus seal:

I wanted to get a picture of me bouncing the ball off of my head, but Rich’s camera skills (combined with his general lack of patience when it comes to taking pictures for this blog) did not produce good results. Here is a real seal with much more talent than me:

Welp, guess that about seals it up for today’s holiday!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Song of the Day:

The best seal song around:


P.S. – I am still recovering from the Seal/Heidi Klum breakup…