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March 19th Holiday


Yummmm, tastes like chicken today! Poultry Day celebrates that ubiquitous meat that pretty much everyone enjoys (vegetarians excluded). You can make anything with chicken. All types of cuisine have it on their menus because it goes with everything. For today’s holiday I decided to take on a new chicken dish, chicken fried chicken. I have eaten this before, but I have never made it. As we have seen in the past, I do not typically do well with frying food. I was willing to give it a shot though, just to try something new and exciting. I found a recipe and only needed to go to the grocery store for one ingredient. This is especially awesome considering we have NO food in our house right now. We always have chicken though…doesn’t everyone? I carefully followed the recipe and took extra special care when it came to the frying part. Here is how it turned out: 

Look at that, I even made gravy! It tasted fairly decent. I was having one of my ‘nothing tastes appetizing’ days so I may not be the best critic. Rich said he liked it, but that doesn’t tell us anything either. He tells me he likes everything so he is not the most reliable source. It was an easy recipe that had common ingredients so I may make it again. I’ll just add it to my zillion and two ways to prepare chicken file…

Total Cost to Celebrate: $3

Clip of the Day:

An over analysis of the ‘tastes like chicken’ phenomenom:


P.S. – Lot of info here. I just like eating chicken.