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March 16th Holiday


A day dedicated to celebrating lips! This is right up my alley. I am pretty much obsessive about lip gloss. Lip gloss was always on the top of my ‘5 things you would take to a deserted island list’. I cannot stand having chapped lips so that is why I have tubes of lip gloss in every possible place: my purse (of course, I have about 8 different varieties packed in there), my desk at work, my car, by my bed and in every baby bag I own. It is pertinent that it is always readily available. I go into withdrawal if I can’t get it instantly. Yes, it’s a full-blown addiction and I’m okay with it. For today’s holiday I decided to celebrate my lips in the most bold way I knew how…red lipstick! I actually had bought this red lipstick last summer because I somehow got the idea that I could actually pull it off. I think all girls go through phases like this from time to time. Red is one of those colors that is just really difficult to wear though. Here I am having fun with it today:

Sassy, huh? My lips are probably the single part of my body that I will admit to loving. I am happy with the size, the proportion, the color, everything! It means a lot to say that since I can usually find something wrong with just about every other aspect of my physical being. I love my lips and I truly do appreciate them, not just today, but everyday!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Song of the Day:

A song dedicated to my one true love:


P.S. – My lip gloss is cool, my lip gloss be poppin’!