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What is everyone’s favorite thing to do on St. Patrick’s Day? Get drunk. Given my current circumstances, that wasn’t in the cards for me today. So, needless to say, I don’t have any crazy exciting stories about green beer (and later, green barf….yes, I’ve been there) or shots of Jameson today. I am a few years out of my bar days anyhow, but it is always nice to have a festive drink to celebrate good ol’ St. Patrick. Today, I celebrated by wearing green:

Lame and not thrilling, I know. I probably could have tried a little harder, but for some reason when it comes to ‘regular’ holidays I find myself not being as inventive. Probably because everyone else is already celebrating and it doesn’t seem as cool. I still had a great day today. My mom, Roman and I took a nice little trip to the zoo. It was only 80 degrees out in Michigan in the middle of March, no big deal:

Don’t worry, I reprimanded my mom for not wearing green today. Although she was cooking corned beef and cabbage for dinner, so I’ll give her a pass. The zoo was a sea of green, lots of Irish for a day people out there celebrating. I wanted to have a delicious Shamrock Shake today, but since I’m off fast food that plan was out. I found a recipe to make my own, but I was too pooped after the zoo trip to brave the grocery store. I’ll make up for it next year…

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Song of the Day:

The super Irish band, Dropkick Murphys:


P.S. – They had that sweet Irish song in the movie The Departed too.