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March 14th Holiday


Today’s holiday was the most frustrating one I have celebrated so far. Most likely because it is related to math, which after high school I completely forgot how to do. Especially complex equations….or any equation other than basic arithmetic for that matter. Since I do not have to remember how to determine the circumference of a circle on a regular basis or figure out how to find X based on Y and Z, these skills have long ago left my brain. For Pi Day, I found this nifty little site called the Pi Day Challenge: http://www.pidaychallenge.com/ 

I was up for the challenge. I started it a bit late; I had to wait for Roman to turn in for the evening and then clean up the tornado of toys he had left in his wake. So, it was around 9:45pm when I commenced the challenge. I thought to myself, “Hey, I’m reasonably intelligent. I can figure out a couple of fun math puzzles.” I could not have been more wrong. After spending 45 minutes on this (and using the comments posted on the site to figure out how to answer most of the questions), I made it to Question #5. 45 minutes, 4 completed questions, and one of those questions (#4) I figured out within one minute. I felt really dumb by the time I threw in the towel. I know other people shared my sentiment based on the highly frustrated posts on the website. The challenging part about this is that they do not give you any instruction. So, you have to spend a copious amount of time just figuring out what you are supposed to do and then actually start completing the puzzle. Even though this challenge caused me great aggravation, I have the overwhelming urge to go back in and keep trying. I really want to know what this Smurf puzzle is that everyone kept posting about, but I have to just get there first! Although it was a stark reminder that the mathematical side of my brain has been dormant for quite some time, it was also fun in a bizarre way. It is good to challenge yourself sometimes and give your brain cells a little shake. Maybe when I feel like making my head hurt again I will go back in for Round 2. I probably should have just bought some pie today and called it a day. At least I know I’m good at that. 

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0



 I challenge all blog readers to accept the Pi Day Challenge. I will give everyone until March 25th to take the challenge (you can create an account on the website and it will save your progress). The person who gets the farthest by that date and provides proof to me (via a screenshot, e-mail, picture, whatever) will get a special prize to help celebrate a holiday next month. I am VERY interested to see how far everyone else can get, I’m sure there are some of you out there that have a lot more patience (and math savvy) than I do!