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March 10th Holiday


I am happy to report that I did not already have an available fanny pack to wear for today’s holiday. Not really my style. My mom is a fan of the glorious belt bags though. Yes, they come in handy during her turbo garage sale sprees. I easily found one to don for this special day at the always reliable thrift store. I was actually pretty excited that I came across a super mega 80’s designed pack too, it makes it especially awesome: 

That’s a pretty tough print to compete with there. As you can see, I wasn’t exactly coordinated with my clashing stripes. No worries though, I already looked ridiculous as soon as I strapped that thing on so I’m sure the lack of matching was hardly a problem. I even coerced Roman into wearing it for a minute, he wasn’t too pleased about it though: 

I get the convenience of the fanny pack, I really do. Hands free, no fussing with purse straps, it all makes sense. Too bad they are a sure indicator of the ‘clueless tourist’ or the ‘I didn’t realize it wasn’t 1988 anymore cliché’ (sorry Mom!). I read that fanny packs were trying to make a comeback in recent years. Famous designers were even attempting to make these things cool again. I don’t think it really took off. This is just one of those fashion trends that is always going to be a no no. I say that now, but I guarantee you that sometime in my lifetime these things will make a resurgence for real. I’ll hold on to this one so I will be prepared when the time comes (or I can use it for my next totally 80’s Halloween outfits!).

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0.70 – what a deal!

Clip of the Day:

A highly amusing fanny pack song, with amazing harmonies:


P.S. – LOVE the dance, I may put that one into my standard rotation.