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March 8th Holiday


Today is the last of the holidays I will be chronicling during Celebrate Your Name Week. This holiday is more of a silly fun one rather than the other name days where you were encouraged to do some research. Nametag Day is just as it sounds, wear a nametag today. My favorite caveat on the holiday homepage was that ‘this event is not for unsupervised children.’ Ha ha ha!! I guess they don’t want to be responsible for some creep-o abducting your kid because you decided to plaster their name right on them for all to see. I crafted a nifty nametag for myself and wore it the entire day at work: 

Here was the general reaction by co-workers:

Co-worker: “What’s with the nametag?”

Hayley: “Oh, it’s Nametag Day.”

Co-worker: “Ha ha ha! You are so funny.”

I guess I didn’t get the joke. This was from several people who know nothing of my blog, so I suppose they just took my explanation as some crazy day I made up in my own mind. I am relieved to find that people just think I’m funny rather than completely bonkers though, that is reassuring. Well, there is not too much else to relay about Nametag Day. A lot more people in the office probably know my name now, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing…..

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Song of the Day:

The only logical choice:

P.S. – Hi, my name is….still Hayley.