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It is said that almost half of all Americans start their day off with a bowl of cereal. I believe it. I am not too much of a breakfast person normally, but I do get a hankering for some cereal every now and then. Rich eats cereal most mornings, so I guess this stat is pretty darn accurate in our household. For today’s holiday I decided to enjoy a delicious bowl of cereal for dinner. Yes, dinner. Why not? I went to the grocery store with every intention of picking up my cereal of choice – Lucky Charms. I have not had it in quite some time because I know that it is not the healthiest choice considering it is pebbled with sugar filled mini marshmallows. Still, I basically survived on Lucky Charms in college (no, this is not an exaggeration….) so it has to have some nutritional value, right? After scanning the seemingly endless cereal aisle I finally spotted my target. I picked it up and was about to hit up the U-Scan when I saw this: 

Ahhhh, yes. I am a complete sucker for the cereal variety pack. Since this one had Lucky Charms, I decided to go with this option instead. After I bought it I realized a few things. One, I am getting much less cereal for my money. Two, I never ever eat all of the cereal in these packs. There are always one or two losers in there that end up sitting in my cupboard for years on end until I finally get around to throwing them out. So, why is it that I like the variety pack again? Huh. Good question. I guess my thought process this time around led me to conclude that Roman would probably enjoy some of these mini packs. Plus, I just like the teeny boxes. I’ll admit it. One thing that I definitely miss about cereal these days is the prize inside. NO cereals have prizes in them anymore. Stupid healthy kids movement. I like my sugar cereal and I like my useless toy that determined what brand I asked my mom to buy that week. So what if it is just shameless promotion to kids? I still want my super awesome prize along with my sugar high. I used to dump out entire boxes of cereal just to get the crappy color change plastic spoon that was hiding at the bottom. Now, I opt for the ‘healthy’ choices in cereal because I’m old and don’t want my teeth to fall out. Today was different though. Bring on the good stuff! I let Roman pick which one he wanted (other than Lucky Charms, that one was mine):

He ended up with Trix (and they ended up distributed across the entire living room soon after this picture…):

Here I am with my favorite Lucky Charms:

To address the obvious question I sure you may have, yes that is my son standing on the table behind our couch. He hasn’t quite grasped the fear of falling just yet. Cereal Day was delicious and now I get to look forward to 6 more varieties in my near future.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $4.89


Clip of the Day:

I actually thought of that horrific Friday song because she talks about her cereal, but I just couldn’t do that. I despise that song and just mentioning it I already have it stuck in my head. Argh! Instead I chose a clip that Rich just showed me the other day. Blink 182/Angels & Airwaves fans will get it, everyone else…sorry:


P.S. – Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal. ARGH!!