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March 4th Holiday


I have a confession…I didn’t celebrate this holiday on the designated day. I celebrated today (March 5th), a day late. Boo for me, I know. My mom and I had discussed going to this scrapbooking store out in Novi that neither of us had ever been to before. Instead, a bunch of other stuff came up and essentially we were not all that motivated to go all the way out to Novi when we didn’t particularly need anything specific. As a brief background on my scrapbooking history, I once was quite the avid scrapper. I even accompanied my mom to a scrapbooking weekend retreat back in 2007. I remember it was 2007 because I had just gotten engaged. I ended up scrapbooking a lot of pictures from my pals Jessie and John’s wedding as well as a few other weddings I had been to that year. To catch you up on how far behind I am on scrapbooking, I still have not chronicled Rich and I’s wedding. Yep, that was in October 2008. I started on it, but I only got as far as the Las Vegas events leading up to the wedding, not the wedding itself. I clearly remember sitting over at my mom’s house that day and telling her that Rich and I were going to start trying to have a baby. Well, the rest is history. As you can guess, having a child has severely slowed my scrapbooking initiative. Now I finally understand why all those cuckoo moms at the weekend event were literally up for 48 hours straight scrapbooking. They don’t have any other time to do it! My mom on the other hand has been a little more diligent in her efforts. She has already compiled an entire first year scrapbook for Roman that just needs a few more pages added to it. So, she is pretty on top of it while I am about 3 ½ years behind. Will I ever catch up? Not anytime soon, that’s for sure. Since I skipped out on visiting the scrapbook store yesterday, I went today because it is only a hop, skip and a jump away from my workplace. Here it is, Archiver’s: 

It was nice inside, very organized and tons of fun scrapbooking stuff. I went here on a specific mission today. Rich and I are celebrating our First Date Anniversary today (March 5th). It has been a loooooong 12 years since that day. I’m just kidding, but 12 years does feel like an eternity ago. I decided I would make Rich a card rather than buy him one to help me celebrate both holidays. Here are the supplies I picked up: 

I know this picture is not the best, so here is a close up of what was on the white sheet:

Yes, super mushy stuff, I know. They still had a bunch of Valentine’s Day notions all over the place so that is the route I took. Here is a peek at the finished card: 

No look at the inside though, I need to keep some stuff in my life private! One last picture of me and the final product: 

They had a lot of cool card making supplies at this store. It would be a great place to go if you are interested in making your own scraptastic invites to any event. I will keep this in mind next time I am feel scrappy!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $4.88


Bonus Pic of the Day:

We finally celebrated my mom’s birthday. Here is a picture of the event: 


P.S. – That’s right, Roman makes it into EVERYONE’S birthday picture now. He’s special like that.