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I am not skilled at the art of floral design. It seems like something that would be quite simple, but when you actually start doing it you realize that it takes some talent. I mean, there are entire schools dedicated to floral design. Yeah, that blew my mind too. I suppose it is probably a fairly lucrative business though, especially in the wedding planning world. Today I purchased some supplies to make a floral design that would last. I know, I know, real flowers are better, but the fake ones last FOREVER. They make them pretty nice these days too, a lot of times you can’t even tell they are fake. Here are the supplies I started with:

Not too much craziness here. I wanted to go with white flowers because for some reason I am really drawn to them. Maybe because they match everything or maybe because they just look so pristine and clean. White flowers can automatically class up any decor. Plus, since I didn’t have a real plan of where this arrangement will be going, I wanted to keep it as neutral as possible. Since I am on my super tight celebration budget this month, I couldn’t get too crazy with tons of flowers. So, here is the final product:

I was messing around with the settings on my camera so that is why there are two different looking pictures. I’m happy with how it turned out. It is pretty, classy and not overpowering. I think this would be a nice little piece to use for bathroom decorating. Maybe I can start to hon my faux flower decorating skills and create an entire garden oasis. That sounds pretty lame…a fake flower sanctuary…maybe I’ll try out the real thing next time.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $12 – fake flowers aren’t cheap (even when they are 1/2 off at Michael’s!).

Clip of the Day:

How to make a flower arrangement:


P.S. – See? I told you there was more to it than meets the eye.