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February 28th Holiday


The biggest night in Hollywood. Everybody is watching to see what the stars will wear, who will win the awards and of course, hoping for a train wreck so there is something to talk about in the morning. I always watch the Oscars. I watch them for all the reasons I just stated, just like everyone else. This is the first year I can say that I have not seen a single one of the movies nominated for Best Picture. All NINE of them, haven’t seen a one. I guess I can blame that on my lack of getting out to the movies these days. Plus, when I do go I am usually seeing something like one of the Twilight flicks. We all know those will never be on the Oscar radar….never ever ever. I like them because they are brainless whereas most of these nominated films are very heavy and artsy. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just want to be able to mentally check out for a little while when I actually get time to go to the show. I have a feeling I will doze off if I ever see The Artist. Black and white AND no sound? Yeahhhh, not for me. I still like watching the awards show though. Tonight’s Academy Awards were actually pretty good. Billy Crystal did a stellar job, per usual, and it was a good mix of young and old. Highlights were: during the preshow Ryan Seacrest getting ‘ashes’ dumped on him by Sacha Baron Cohen, JLo’s nip slip (although I did not see this, but it was hot news in the morning), Bret from Flight of the Conchords winning for best original song (who knew??), Meryl’s speech (the best in my book) and naturally all the fabulous fashion. I loved Tim Gunn during the preshow. He is my favorite, no matter how flamboyant, because of my love for Project Runway. Everyone seemed to bring their A game and there were no obvious worst dressed peeps….until now….I decided I needed an exquisite gown to wear to watch the Oscars tonight. So, I went on down to the local thrift store to peruse the selection. Ironically enough, I found my Prom dress on the rack. Not just the same dress I wore to Prom, MY Prom dress. My mom had called me a few weeks ago because it was still hanging in a closet at their house. She asked me if she could get rid of it and I said go for it. I found it looking sad and lonely among all the other rejects with a lovely price tag of $3.60. I contemplated buying it, but that just seemed silly. Instead I picked out a hideous, wait I mean ravishing, gold number. It was not priced though. I went to the magic pricing experts and they returned it to me with at $15.60 tag. What? Were they serious? I wasn’t about to pay that for a gag dress. So, I had to choose something else. I picked up a bridesmaid reject for $5.60 and brought it home with me. I also had a 50% off coupon that a fellow shopper shared with me, bonus! I laundered the dry clean only frock and donned it for my night of celebration. Here is what it looked like:

The front

The back - ignore the glaring undergarments

Oh yeah, that’s my Oscar that I won for Best Actress a few years back. I forgot to mention that, silly me. Pretty lame-o dress, right? I found that if I put it on backwards it was a little more interesting:

Sassy Option #1

Sassy Option #2

Hmmm….Hollywood starlet for the price of $2.90? I fear not. More like guaranteed Worst Dressed contender. At least I had a fun time playing dress up for a little while. Cheers to all the winners of the evening! Maybe I will get around to seeing some of your movies within the next year or two.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $2.90

Clip of the Day:

Ryan Seacrest vs. Sacha Baron Cohen:


P.S. – Funny or completely rude? What do you think? Either way, it was definitely entertaining!