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I am a big fan of the tortilla chip. I have been known to just snack on some plain tortilla chips sans dip. My son has inherited my love of the plain tortilla chip. He goes batty about them and would probably try to shove an entire chip in his mouth if given the opportunity. Exhibit A:

What better way to spotlight the star of today’s holiday than to have some tasty nachos for dinner? We had tacos last night, purposely, so that we would have some leftover supplies to celebrate Tortilla Chip Day this evening. I don’t have a specific brand of tortilla chips that I always buy, I usually go with whatever is on sale. Here are the ones I ended up with today: 

Meijer brand, no surprise these were the cheapest option. Now time to construct the nachos for consumption. A little taco beef, green onions, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole and LOTS of cheese…perfection:

I’ll save you all from the picture of me stuffing my face with tonight’s meal. Maybe I will make some idiot dip over the weekend to finish off this bag of chips….yuuuummmmm….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $2.00

Clip of the Day:

How to make your own tortilla chips:


P.S. – I like how this guy’s ‘basting brush’ is just an old paintbrush.