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For those of you that do not know me all that well, or even some of you that do, I feel the need to explain why I chose to celebrate Lent this year. I am not a very religious person. I don’t particularly like discussing religion with people because I know it is a very touchy subject and I believe everyone has a right to believe whatever makes them happy. I keep my personal beliefs mostly to myself. I have not participated in Lent for many years, it’s been so long I cannot even remember. I am not celebrating Lent in the traditional sense this year though, I am celebrating Lent for myself. I am repenting to my own body for all of the damage I have done to it by my poor eating habits. I am taking the part of Lent that I like, the part where you give something up for 40 days, and celebrating that part only. I have chosen to give up something that I have desperately needed to give up for a long time – fast food. I have a somewhat compulsive addiction to fast food. Not only the food, but the ease of getting it. That means I like eating the food that I know is bad for me and I also like it because I don’t have to get out of my car. Even just putting that in writing makes me feel like a terrible person. We are given one body to live with during our lifetimes. We need to take care of that body, our health is everything. People, like myself, do not realize this until something bad happens to their well-being. I have luckily been very fortunate so far in my life and I finally realized that I need to start respecting my body before it finally does decide to rebel. Especially during pregnancy, the time when I should focus on being at my most healthiest since I am also sustaining another life. Therein lies the catch-22. Pregnancy and fast food is an inevitable combination for many expecting women. I had a one track mind during my first pregnancy…all I thought about was chicken nuggets. Yep, I could have eaten those day in and day out and would have been super happy about it. This time around I have not been as bad, but I get craving for burgers a lot. I enjoyed my last few fast food meals over the past couple days:

Here is my delicious homemade lunch I had today:

I don’t think I will miss it so much after my detox phase is over. The only thing I will truly miss is the convenience of it. I need to get off my butt and get some exercise though, so this is only adding to the positive reasons to quit fast food. Who knows, maybe after these 40 days I won’t have cravings for all that yucky stuff anymore and I can just give it up forever! Well, that might be a little bit of crazy talk there….but maybe I will be able to make it the rest of this pregnancy without it.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

I have intentionally avoided this movie and the book because in my world, ignorance is bliss. Maybe it’s finally time I give it a gander:

P.S. – Has this book/movie traumatized anyone enough that they never ate at fast food joints again? Serious question here, I want to know who has seen it.