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Fat Tuesday = best day ever…until your body registers what you just did. This is basically what happened to me today. Paczki Day here in Metro Detroit is a big deal. I didn’t realize that the rest of the country does not celebrate this holiday as vivaciously as we do. Cities with a high Polish population typically go all out on Paczki Day. Chicago, Detroit (Hamtramck being the epicenter of our Polishness), Buffalo, Cleveland and Milwaukee are a few of the major cities that are really hardcore about this holiday. Paczkis, for those of you poor souls who have never had the pleasure, are basically fruit or custard filled donuts. Since we can get them in basically any bakery, grocery store or donut shop here, I bought a nice little variety pack at Kroger:  

Yeah, variety pack means they sneak a prune one in there most likely, eww:  

I naturally picked the chocolate covered custard filled paczki because I wanted to make sure I consumed as many calories as humanly possible today:

Yum yum. Actually it was pretty difficult eating first thing in the morning. A lot heavier than my typical breakfast. I didn’t let that stop my fattiness though. I enjoyed a huge burrito from Taco Bell for lunch (more on that tomorrow…can you see where I’m going with this?), then I forced another raspberry filled paczki down just for good measure. About an hour after that last fried sugary ball of dough settled in my tummy I was not a happy camper. I felt just plain bad. I guess those are the consequences of eating 3 days worth of calories within only a few hours. I’m sure the high volume of fat and sugar had a little something to do with it too, just a hunch.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $3.99

Clip of the Day:

Mo Rocca visits Hamtramck to showcase Paczki Day. If you know nothing about this holiday, watch this and you will understand:


P.S. – Even after eating the two paczkis and feeling terrible, this video makes me want more! I’m a glutton for punishment.