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February 20th Holiday


I always thought that today’s holiday was celebrating all of the Presidents of the United States. I just came to find out it is specifically celebrating George Washington’s birthday. Well, him and Lincoln. Since both of their birthdays are in February they sort of smooshed them together into one special day when banks and all government agencies get the day off and there are tons of random sales at department stores. Since I do not work for a bank nor a government agency, I still had to work. When I came home from work I made this totally rad Abraham Lincoln hat (yes, this is sarcasm…the hat is crap, but hey I tried):

Roman and I did our best presidential impression:

Rich and I also celebrated today’s holiday by blatantly showcasing our lack of American history knowledge. How did we do this? We each got a blank piece of paper and 5 minutes to write down the names of as many presidents as we can. Yeeeaaaahhh, the first time through Rich got 23 and I got 22. Then, we reviewed the list of presidents and did it over again. This is to prove that we are still completely ignorant AND have poor memory skills. Second time through Rich got 32 and I got 31. Just so we are clear, there have been 43 presidents. I blame my pregnancy brain on forgetting such men as Kennedy and Jefferson, I mean they aren’t that memorable, right?

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Baby that knows the presidents:


P.S. – I feel extra dumb now…nothing like rubbing salt in my wounds.