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February 18th Holiday


Today’s holiday celebrates a very useful invention – the battery. Since I have obviously never lived in a world without batteries, I naturally take their existence for granted. Along with running water and electricity, batteries seem like something that was just always there. I actually did not know how I was going to celebrate today’s holiday, but lucky for me the celebration presented itself to me. When Roman and I got home on Friday I heard a loud beeping sound every 30 seconds or so. I checked our smoke alarms, it wasn’t them. I remembered we had bought a carbon monoxide detector awhile ago before we had Roman. Yeah, we didn’t seem to care about being poisoned to death in our sleep when it was just the two of us, but having a child changed our minds. I rushed to the basement all the while planning Roman and I’s escape from our toxic house on my way down. Turns out we weren’t being exposed to CO, it was just a low battery:

How convenient, right? Today I changed those bad boys out and genuinely appreciated how important batteries are in our everyday lives:

Next, I’m going to go get a giant value pack of D batteries for my boom box so I can rock out like it’s 1987.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Song of the Day:

My Heart’s A Stereo:

P.S. – “When you have to purchase mad D batteries” – yes, that line alone is the reason I picked this song.