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I had intentions of making some mint chocolate cookies today. I found a recipe, made an ingredient list and even told my parents I was bringing over dessert for our dinner tonight. Then, I remembered….our oven is rebelling. That’s right, our house is falling apart now that it knows we are desperately trying to leave it. The oven has been working on and off lately, more off than on to be honest. We are scheduled to be moving on out of this place in a little over a month and our house is going to be put up for a short sale (more on this later when the plan starts becoming more concrete). All that being said, we were told to not put any more money into this place. So, buying a new oven is not on our priority list. Therefore, we are ovenless for a little while. Totally sidetracked there, let’s get back to business. Chocolate mint, that’s what we are celebrating today. I found a few other recipes that did not require baking, but in the end I took the easy way out:

Let’s be honest, these are tastier than anything I would have made today. Roman agrees:

I am not normally a huge fan of chocolate and mint together, but these cookies are awesome. They taste like the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies except they have that fabulous Oreo cream inside – bonus!! This led me to think of a neverending debate, hence our Poll of the Month!!!

Vote and have your voice be heard!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $3


Clip of the Day:

Funny York Peppermint Patty commercial:

P.S. – These are yummy until you eat too many…major tummy ache candy.