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February 16th Holiday


Innovation Day….hmmmm….what does this mean exactly? The holiday itself is not really a holiday, per se, but a special day set aside during the North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association Annual Convention. Okay…well, that’s not really helping me with my celebration, now is it? Innovation differs from invention because it is the development of a new idea rather than a new product/service/tangible object. Innovation is about improving what is already there, or finding new ways to use what you already have in a creative and forward-thinking kind of way. I had a really hard time with this holiday, as you can see. How was I going to be innovative today? How do you do that on a whim? Do you just wake up and say, “Today I am going to figure out how to innovatively approach my life.” I believe that a lot of this type of thinking comes about sporadically. You have a regular issue in your daily routine and one day you figure out a way to creatively change it. Does that sound about right? I tried to think of something in my world that I wanted to change. One thing that sprang to mind was getting dressed in the morning. Now, this may not sound all that complicated, but when you have a closet that looks like this:

This is very pared down for me. I have cleaned it out and donated a bunch of clothes several times over the last few months and packed all my summer clothes away. Still, most of these hangers are holding multiple articles of clothing…some I have never even wore before. Many days I cannot manage to put together an outfit in the approximately 2.4 minutes I give myself to get ready for work every morning. I find myself falling back on the same old stuff time and time again. If I have all these clothes, why am I not wearing them? I went through a bit of a creative phase awhile ago when I celebrated Swap Ideas Day. I really wanted to change up my style, and I actually did for a little while. Then it got to be too much work, like everything, and it fell by the wayside. Now that I have an ever-growing belly area, getting dressed is even more of a challenge than before. I decided for today’s holiday to approach this problem innovatively. I have always wanted to plan ahead my outfits, but I’m usually too lazy to actually do it. Today, I found these nifty hanger things that spell out each day of the week for me:

Now I can plan an entire week of outfits and line them up so they are ready to go in the morning:

Yes, I only planned out Friday’s outfit since that was the only day left this week. I am going to do this every Sunday for the upcoming workweek. This cuts down on time during my morning routine and I am thinking outside of the box when it comes to my ensembles again. Hip hip hooray for innovation!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Innovate or DIE!


P.S. – I’m more interested in getting the exercise while working rather than saving energy.