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February 14th Holiday


I have always secretly really liked Valentine’s Day. This doesn’t mean that I expect grand gestures, fancy dinners or expensive gifts. It simply means that I enjoy the sentiment of the holiday. Valentine’s Day is not all about being madly in love and spending the entire day doting on your significant other. It’s about love. That’s it, love. You can show your love to your parents, siblings, children, friends, even co-workers on this day. I like all the cutesy red and pink heart decor. I love the special candies (second only to Halloween) and all the cheesy stuffed animals. I admit it. My parents still give me a Valentine’s card every year. This year they bought Roman a special present and brought us some delicious cupcakes. Every year Rich and I agree to not buy each other anything for Valentine’s Day. We are a low maintenance couple, in case you hadn’t caught on to that fact yet. We always say this but we will still get each other a little something something just to show our love to each other. This year I was all about having a homemade holiday, for the most part. I made Rich some of his favorite no-bake cookies, printed some Valentine coloring pages for Roman and I to color, found a few cute printables on Pinterest and added some Reeses hearts in there just for good measure. Here is the final spread for my love, Rich: 

Rich, wait…I mean Roman, bought me this lovely bouquet of flowers: 

Rich got me exactly what I wanted, a pizza lunch! I didn’t take a picture of this, but food is the way to a prego’s heart. No pictures of me enjoying my Valentine’s Day either, it was Tuesday. That means working from home, aka slob central. 🙂 Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day celebrations and made the holiday special in your own way.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $5

Clip of the Day:

Saw this when I went on Google today. They always have the coolest little tidbits:


P.S. – I like the milk and cookies couple at the end!