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Another food holiday to celebrate. I have nothing against these holidays, but it can get a little boring blogging about it sometimes. I tried to think of a different way to enjoy today’s holiday. All the gumdrop crafts I found were Christmas related, bummer. I thought about buying Candyland, but then realized that it is $10 bucks and that didn’t fit into my February holiday budget. So, you all get to see me, once again, shoving today’s food into my big mouth…yummy, right? I opted for the most readily available gumdrops out there, Dots: 

These are one of my dad’s favorite candies. I like them too. I decided I was going to check out the flavor ratio in this particular box. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a thing I do when I dive into a box of multi-flavored treats. If I know I am planning on chowing down all of the contents, I eat the flavors in order from worst to best. Does anyone else do this? I guess I just want to save the best for last, but that doesn’t necessarily make sense. I should just eat the flavors I want and then pitch the rest. No no no, that isn’t an option for a hardcore sugar addict like myself. Bad flavors first, then good ones last. I was quite impressed with the Dots flavor ratio: 

I put them in order from worst to best. I am happy to see they have only included a few yellows and many reds. Who really likes yellow flavor anyhow? Sour Patch Kids is notorious for giving you tons of yellows and only a few reds. Blah. I mean, I know that not everyone likes red best….but I am willing to guess that it’s a large percentage. Alright, have I sufficiently celebrated today’s holiday? Let’s have a taste of all flavors at once: 

Wow. Super attractiveness there. Just so you all know, I ate all the reds and pinks and left the other ‘less yummy’ flavors to rot away (or be eaten by Rich).

Total Cost to Celebrate: $1

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P.S. – Another person with a lot of time on their hands…