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Plimsoll is not a thing, it is a person. Samuel Plimsoll was a British politician who is best known for developing the Plimsoll Line. This is the line on a ship that indicates the maximum safe draft. It revolutionized safety on the seas back in the day. Before the Plimsoll Line, ships were being over burdened and therefore in danger of sinking. Nowadays, there are various lines that appear on every ship accounting for different water temperatures and specific water types. Well, this is all very exciting (or not…). I thought of a fun way to celebrate today’s holiday. I told Rich that we were going to have a paper ship building competition and see whose boat could hold more pennies. We each got a piece of paper and as much tape as we wanted to make it ‘seaworthy’. Here are our creations: 

You like the S.S. Hay Hay? He’s an evil little mastermind of a boat. Rich’s was a bit more non-traditional in construction. Let the competition begin! 

They both stayed afloat right off the bat so that was a good sign. We started adding pennies one at a time. Rich got to 18 and then his ship sunk like the Titanic: 

We decided to see how many my little guy could hold. What do you think? We got all the way to 47 before S.S. Hay Hay sprung a leak: 

I guess we know who has the better Plimsoll Line now, don’t we?

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

The only thing I could think of that may have some entertainment value. The trailer for the new Battleship movie:

P.S. – Hey, I guess if they can make zillions of dollars off of movies based on an amusement park ride, why not try a board game?