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February 5th Holiday


I guess it should come as no surprise that Super Bowl Sunday is now considered an official holiday to many people. I like the Super Bowl, but I’m usually not overly into it. I lost interest in the Playoffs this year as soon as the Lions lost. The only way I will ever be invested in a Super Bowl is if Detroit ever makes it to one. Given this past season, I have a smidgen of hope that may possibly happen in my lifetime….we can all dream, can’t we? J Today’s Super Bowl seemed pretty standard. You have the 2 awesome teams with superstar quarterbacks. I dressed for the occasion though:  

Can you guess what team I was rooting for? Yeah, me neither. I was happy that both teams had the same colors so I could be nice and neutral while still remaining festive. We caught the first quarter at home and then traveled out to the Schertel’s house just in time to catch the halftime show. Roman thought Madonna rocked it out, here he is shaking his groove thang:  

Just so everyone knows, Roman dances to ANY music so this is in no way an indication if Madonna really was all that entertaining or not. I thought she was pretty good though, lip syncing and all. I give people a lot of credit performing at the Super Bowl, that’s a lot of pressure. I also snapped a few pics of the party peeps enjoying the game:  

I did, however, neglect to take a picture of the star of the show…the food! The Schertel’s had an amazing spread of fabulously delicious game day food. I was in heaven. The Schertel’s always are great hosts! Rich and I had to make an exit after the third quarter though, Roman was starting to get cranky since it was already past his bedtime. We made it home to see the grand finale. Congratulations to the New York Giants for winning this year’s trophy! Maybe we can see some Lions there next year…yes, still dreaming… At least we got some love with the Clint Eastwood Chrysler commercial. Here are a few links to what some people deemed the best commercials this year:



That’s right, Detroit #1 on both lists!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

In case you missed it, the full halftime show for your viewing pleasure:


P.S. – I haven’t decided how I feel about her new song yet…