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February 4th Holiday


Ice cream for breakfast? What a great holiday! I was fully prepared for today’s special occasion with a ¾ full pint of Ben and Jerry’s waiting for me in the freezer this morning. Or so I thought….. After giving Roman his breakfast I skipped off to the kitchen to retrieve my delicious Red Velvet Cake treat. I rifled through the freezer for a minute only to realize…it was gone. I marched into the bedroom, where my husband was still sleeping, and demanded to know if he ate my ice cream. “Yes” was the groggy response. I countered with, “Today is Ice Cream For Breakfast Day and I thought I had ice cream to eat, now what am I going to do?” Rich’s response, “I’ll go buy you some more.” Then he promptly fell back asleep snoring loudly per usual. Well, I was not happy with the way this day was going so far. An hour or so later I was packing Roman up for a trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Rich finally graced us with his presence as I was on my way out the door. I informed him that I would be picking up some ice cream on the way home. He said, “I told you I would go get it for you.” Yeah….when is that going to happen? By dinnertime? It’s ice cream for BREAKFAST day, bro. I rolled my eyes (yes, I had quite the attitude about it) and as I walked out the door I hear, “I want some ice cream!” Oh, the nerve of that boy. I stopped at Kroger and opted for one of the highly anticipated limited editions of Edy’s ice cream:

Yum yum yum, girl scout cookies in ice cream form! Rich was very adamant about eating the ice cream as soon as I walked in the door…I think he may have a real problem. I obliged and here are our lovely pictures:

Just as a side note, I put my pajama pants back on after I came home from the store. I’m only a scrub at home, not out in public.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $3.39

Song of the Day:

I was just waiting for an excuse to pull out this bad boy:


P.S. – Attempting these dance moves is the best cardio workout I have ever experienced.