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I’m just going to lay it out there right from the start with this one, Groundhog Day is seriously one of the most bizarre holidays out there. Since it is universally recognized it doesn’t seem all that strange, but when you really dissect it and look at all the elements, it is weird. First of all, what is with all the dudes in the Inner Circle?

With the top hats and tuxedos, looks more like  a cult to me. Secondly, I watched the video of today’s ceremony with Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous of all the groundhogs, and I am going to call BS on adhering to the customs of the holiday. They don’t let Phil just saunter out into the open, they yank him out of his burrow and hold his stunned little body out to an enormous crowd of crazy Pennsylvanians that probably get this day off work (yes, I’m jealous). Then they put him on a platform and seemingly arbitrarily decide if he sees his shadow or not. Am I wrong on this? I am genuinely confused about the whole dealio. Based on the gaggle of all the other, less awesome of course, groundhogs out there, it appears that Phil’s prediction is in the minority by a wide margin:

Date Prediction Groundhog Location.
2012 Early Spring[22] French Creek Freddie French Creek, West Virginia
2012 Early Spring[23] Woodstock Willie Woodstock, Illinois
2012 6 more weeks of winter[24] Balzac Billy Balzac, Alberta
2012 Early Spring[25] Lawrenceville Lucy Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania
2012 Early Spring[26] Stormy Marmot Aurora, Colorado
2012 Early Spring Smith Lake Jake Graysville, Alabama
2012 Early Spring[27] Sir Thomas Hastings Hastings, Nebraska
2012 Early spring[28] Sutton Sammy Sutton, Ontario
2012 Early spring[29] Gus Athens, Georgia
2012 Early spring[30] Octoraro Orphie Quarryville, Pennsylvania
2012 Early spring[31] Dunkirk Dave Dunkirk, New York
2012 Early spring[32] Chuckles Manchester, Connecticut
2012 Early spring[33] Wynter the Groundhog Milwaukee, Wisconsin
2012 Early spring[25] Dover Doug Dover, Pennsylvania
2012 Early spring[25] Susquehanna Sherman Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania
2012 Early spring[25] Poor Richard York, Pennsylvania
2012 Early spring[34] Jimmy the Groundhog Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
2012 Early spring[35] Wiarton Willie Wiarton, Ontario
2012 6 more weeks of winter[36] Fred Val d’Espoir, Quebec
2012 Early spring[37] General Beauregard Lee Lilburn, Georgia
2012 6 more weeks of winter[38] Malverne Mel Malverne, New York
2012 Early spring[39] Holtsville Hal Holtsville, New York
2012 Early spring[40] Buckeye Chuck Marion, Ohio
2012 Early spring[41] Staten Island Chuck Staten Island (New York City)
2012 Early spring[42] Shubenacadie Sam Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia
2012 6 more weeks of winter Punxsutawney Phil Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

I am going to have to stick with the majority on this one and say we should expect an early Spring this year. Even if we have to face 6 more weeks of Winter, I suppose if it consistent with the weather we have had so far this year, it really isn’t all that hard to bear. As a side note, the epic movie of the day, Groundhog Day (duh!) is starting right now (9pm) on good ol’ CMT. Watch it and relive the day over and over and over and over….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Today’s major Groundhog Day event, naturally:


P.S. – He is pretty cute, I think he likes all the attention.