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February 1st Holiday


Well, this was definitely a strange one. It was invented by some Winter faring folks, like myself, that were fed up with the cold weather. They decided to create a day where you just go outside, pretend it’s 80 degrees and sunny and hula your little butt off. Fun, right? Strangely enough, this has been one of the most mild Winters I have ever had the pleasure of living through. The day before this holiday Roman and I went on a walk up to the park and then I let him play in our backyard for an hour or so. It was sunny and in the mid-50’s! In February! I am not a fan of snow, or cold for that matter. I prefer Fall weather the best with Spring at a very close second. Too hot or too cold is never fun. Unfortunately, that’s mostly what we get here in Michigan so I have adapted. The days when it is a balmy 55 degrees in mid-Winter you better believe I celebrate! Today it wasn’t quite as nice out, but still manageable. I came home from work and did my best hula dance out in the front yard for all to witness:

Nice moves, right? I think mid-dance I was laughing and telling Rich (the designated picture taker) that I have no idea how to hula. I tried though. I looked for one of my flower leis to help me get in the mood, but came up empty-handed. It’s all about the dancing though, and that mission was accomplished. Hooray for hula!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Song of the Day:

This song is sung by a hula loving Hawaiian and it ALWAYS makes me happy when I hear it:

P.S. – This is one of those ‘happy cry’ songs…yes, I get teary-eyed every single time…