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Inspiring your heart seems like a big task. Art is probably something that can do it though. Art comes in many forms. I basically see everything as some type of art in one way or another. Maybe it’s not as obvious as going to an art gallery and looking at paintings on the wall, but it really is all around us. Today my work pals and I were planning on going to this art studio and painting a guided art piece. Unfortunately, our plans did not develop fully and we had to miss out. Instead, I decided to do one of my craft projects I have put on the back burner for over a month now. Crafts? Is that art? Well, to me it is. I’m not the most artistic person on the block. Although, I did paint a painting in 1st grade that STILL hangs in my elementary school (not that I’m bragging or anything…okay, I am). I like doing crafty things and I think they are just as much art as any other forms. Before Christmas, I had bought a bunch of stuff to make my own earrings. It seemed like a fun idea and a cheap way to get some new jewelry to wear. Here are the things I had to work with:

I got to work on my super duper fancy jewels….plastic buttons….pure class, right? Hey, I like them so that’s all that matters. After some frustration with the fabric button maker, I turned out 3 new pairs of earrings:

Not too shabby. After getting the hang of the button press, I like how these ones came out the best. So many different types of earrings I could make with that, the gears in my head are a turnin’. Art Day was fun, I’m glad I finally got around to taking the time to pursue this project. Now I get to look forward to wearing my new earrings, yay!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0 – Since I didn’t buy this stuff specifically for this holiday I am going to just say it was a non-spending holiday.

Clip of the Day:

One of the most inspiring artists of our time, Bob Ross – Painting Mountains:


P.S. – Happy trees!