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January 29th Holiday


Earlier in the month Roman and I were at my most favorite store, Target, and I remembered that Puzzle Day was coming up soon. I went over the toy section and let Roman dictate which puzzle we picked out. The first one I offered up was a Buzz Lightyear puzzle. Roman is OBSESSED with Toy Story, but he has this weird thing about seeing the characters in places other than the television screen. It freaks him out for some strange reason and he doesn’t like to touch them. It’s sort of funny actually, but I think he’s getting a little better about it. Not in this case though, he shoved that one away immediately. Second choice, a kittens puzzle with 2 little kitten heads popping out of a basket. Roman was enthralled with this choice, grabbing it and shrieking about ‘kitties’ (of the words he can actually say…sort of). I was about to throw it in the basket when I saw another one that had a puppy and a kitten on it. I thought he may like this one better because you can actually see the full dog and cat rather than just the tops of their heads. I was right. Holding both of them out to him, he made a very decisive choice. So, here is the puzzle we ended up with:

Note the Age 5+ warning. After opening the box I realized there was no way I was letting Roman get his hands on any of these puzzle pieces. They would be eaten or lost within a matter of mere minutes:

It was a 100 piece puzzle, not too difficult. I thought it would be fun to time myself and see how long it took to put it together. I waited until little man was napping (I didn’t want him spazzing out about not being able to touch it) and got to work. Here is the finished product:

That’s my time, 20 minutes and 41 seconds. I can’t decide if that is something to be proud of or not. 21 minutes for a 100 piece puzzle? That’s 12.6 seconds per piece….hmmm….when I figure it out that way it seems like I’m not quite at Puzzle Master level yet. To give myself a little credit, I started timing as soon as I touched the pieces so I did have to take some time flipping them all over and spreading them out. Yeah, I know…excuses, excuses. 🙂

Total Cost to Celebrate: $4

Clip of the Day:

Jigsaw puzzle prank:


P.S, – Cheesy, but it made me smile because of the looks on the people’s faces.