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January 28th Holiday


I was excited about Kazoo Day because I couldn’t remember the last time I had played with a kazoo. It seemed like something Roman may be able to enjoy as well. On the Friday before Kazoo Day I went up to Party City to pick a couple up. This was the only logical place I could think of to find these nifty toys. I was happy to locate them easily and even happier to see that they were only 10 cents each! I purchased 3 of them:

Now, I of course did not try out the kazoos in the store as that is unsanitary and gross. As soon as I got out to my car I gave one a little hum. It wasn’t working. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. I put it back in the bag and pulled them out again on Saturday. Same story, no kazoo sound at all. I guess that’s what you get for 10 cents these days, huh? I even tried to use some wax paper to cover the hole so it would make a sound when it vibrated. No luck. Boo kazoo. Roman still seemed to enjoy them though. He ran around the house half the day with one is his mouth while I watched his spit drip out of the other end, nice:

Here is the official State of the Kazoo 2012 by the holiday founder:

The State of the Kazoo 2012 by Rick Hubbard

National Kazoo Day 2012 may be celebrated on Thursday, Jan. 26th which is the fourth Thursday of January or it may be celebrated on January 28, or any other day during that period deemed convenient by kazooists. In fact, many kazoo players celebrate the kazoo for the entire last week of January each year.

May you all enjoy a HAPPY NEW KAZOO YEAR!

This year we commemorate the 162nd birthday of the Kazoo —   an American instrument invented in the 1840s in Macon, GA. Legend tell us the kazoo was invented by collaboration of Alabama Vest (American black) and Thaddeus Von Clegg (German-American clockmaker).

I guess I should have looked into getting a better quality kazoo prior to today’s holiday. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $.32


Clip of the Day:

A brief history of the kazoo:


P.S. – This guy’s voice creeps me out.