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I had been saving a fantastic piece of bubble wrap for today’s holiday. It came in one of our packages a work and I stored it away under my desk to pull out today. It was the bubble wrap with the BIG bubbles, you know the ones. Unfortunately, Roman woke up with a nice kickin’ fever this morning which caused me to stay home with a sick kid. Therefore, my bubble wrap still remains at work. Hmmm…mmmm. To make up for it, I enlisted the help of my hubby to scour his workplace for a substitute. He came home with the only bubble wrap he could find, it had to make due. First, I let Roman have a go:

As you can see from his intense expression, he is thoroughly enjoying squeezing the bubbles and he is also feeling much better. Thank goodness for Tylenol and 3 hour long naps, yay! I also had fun popping some bubbles:

Isn’t bubble wrap a great invention? It instantly makes you happy when you start popping away. I know I have no willpower when it is within my grasp, I have to squeeze at least a few every single time. I saw this little saying recently:

So true! Here’s another one:

Screw Prozac, get some bubble wrap to cure your blues!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Extreme Bubble Wrap:


P.S. – I love how something so simple brings so much joy. Cheap thrills!