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For today’s holiday, I was going to make some peanut brittle. After talking to my pal Rosa at work, weighing the cost of making vs. buying and the time investment factor, I chose the easy way out: 

Check out that price, $1.49. Can’t beat that! I cannot remember ever eating peanut brittle before. It doesn’t seem to be a super hot commodity these days. I opened the bag and found a good peanutty piece:

Here is how I felt about it after having a bite:


Eh. It was okay. Sort of like a less stellar version of Crunch N Munch without the delicious popcorn. I guess I expected it to taste more sugary considering corn syrup and sugar are the main ingredients….oh, and peanuts. I’m always up for trying new things though, so today’s holiday was still fun overall.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $1.49

Clip of the Day:

Paul F. Tompkins’ take on peanut brittle:


P.S. – I found this especially funny because I had absolutely no clue where to find peanut brittle in the grocery store today.