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January 22nd Holiday


The cats and I sat down for a little one on one time today to talk about some questions they have had recently. Here’s how it went: Roxy Cat – Why do you hate me?

Hayley – Oh, Roxy, I don’t hate you. You just really annoy me most of the time. Especially when you are peeing in places other than your litter box and purposely trying to aggravate me.

Roxy Cat – So, you don’t like it when I pee all over the house?

Hayley – No.

Roxy Cat – And you don’t like it when I make lots of unnecessary noise and get into things I shouldn’t when you aren’t paying attention to me?

Hayley – No.

Roxy Cat – Why do you let that crazy baby attack me all the time?

Hayley – Mostly because it is funny and because I feel like you want the attention. Also, because you annoy me (refer to the answers of your other questions).

That concludes the interview with Roxy. Next up, Bebe: 

Bebe Cat – Meow?

Hayley – What was that, Bebe?

Bebe Cat – Meeooooww??

Hayley – Bebe, I don’t understand your crazy cat language, you are going to have to rephrase.

Bebe Cat – *Blank stare*

That concludes the interview with Bebe Cat (as you can see, she’s not the smartest kitty on the block).

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

A ‘real’ interview with a cat:


P.S. – Yeah, this is basically how my cat interviews went too.