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I am not sure if I would consider myself to be a hugger or not. I like hugging, but I’m not a crazy hugger like some people. I do not feel the need to hug strangers or anything like that. I read that you are supposed to hug someone for 6 seconds in order for it to ‘take’. Meaning, it takes that minimum amount of time to relay your compassion to the other person. That’s good for your significant other, your children or your family and close friends. I’m fairly certain if I tried to hug some random person for a whole 6 seconds they would think I was a little strange. Count to six right now and imagine hugging someone for that long. It’s a long time! Like I said though, I like to hug Rich and Roman a lot. I hugged them both today to celebrate, but we hug all the time anyhow. Here is the best picture I could get with Roman:

Richie gave him a big hug too:

Yay! Happy hugging family!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

$2 Hugs – funny stuff:

P.S. – $36 bucks in an hour just for hugging? Wow, maybe I am in the wrong business.