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Today I am going to do things a little differently. My mom, who is very passionate about popcorn, has offered up her services as a special guest blogger for today’s holiday. Enjoy!


My name is Penny and I am a popcornaholic. Yep, I love the stuff. Every Monday night I sit with my bowl of popped goodness and watch a cheesy chick flick, otherwise known as The Bachelor. I still can’t figure out why a bunch of ditzy women get all excited about hooking up with a boring guy, but whatever. Every week, I’m there.

Popcorn is actually a very friendly diet food. My man Orville R. makes the best stuff.  I prefer the original kernels which I pop on the stove with a little oil, and just put salt on it. I know the microwave bags are very popular, but deceiving. Both kinds are pretty low in calories, for a cup of popped corn, Orville original has 15 calories and Pop Secret Homestyle has 35, but it’s the fat that’ll get ya. Orville only has 1.5 fat grams and Pop Secret has 11.

I remember when they had a popcorn store at the mall years ago and they literally had 30 flavors of popcorn, like strawberry, blueberry and tutti fruitti. Not for me. I like my popcorn to taste exactly like what it is. Maybe that’s why that store is long gone.

For today’s special holiday, I kicked Orville to the curb and took up with Pop Secret Homestyle.

Orville was devastated of course, he really thought he was getting a rose tonight. I told him I just didn’t think we had much of a “connection.”  Happy Popping!!!!


Thanks, Mom!! I also enjoyed some delicious air popped popcorn this evening to celebrate:

Roman was extremely interested in the popping:

BTW – I LOVED the popcorn store at the mall….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $3


Clip of the Day:

The Muppets – Popcorn:


P.S. – The Swedish Chef always made me nervous. Perhaps it is all that flailing around with knives?