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January 17th Holiday


I still have not determined exactly what ‘Hot Heads Chili Days’ are specifically, but I get the feeling it is a chili competition of some sort. Sometimes these holidays are not as well marketed so it’s a little more difficult to determine where they came from. I went with the chili plan nonetheless. One of the greatest things about chili is that it is easy to make, there are billions of different variations and it’s especially nice on a cold Winter’s night. I did not buy anything special for today’s holiday and just decided to wing it and dump a bunch of stuff in the crockpot and see what happened. After simmering for a few hours, I had a taste. Not so great. It was oddly bland and missing some punch. I started my salvage mission and added some more spices, tomatoes with green chiles and even some taco seasoning. Miraculously, my plan worked! We ended up with a massive pot of delicious chili: 


Here it is all doctored up with fatty goodness:

Rich was pretty impressed with the outcome. I liked it too. It’s a good thing we both like it because we probably have enough leftover to feed us for the rest of the month. Chili anyone?


Total Cost to Celebrate: $8 – estimated cost of the ingredients.


Song of the Day:

I decided to use a Red Hot Chili Peppers song since any clip about actual chili would be lame:


P.S. – More cowbell!