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I call today ‘Torture Your Pet Day’ instead. Maybe it’s because I have cats rather than dogs, but putting any sort of clothing on them causes a major freakout. Oh, yes that means I have tried in the past. I’m not opposed to ridiculing my kitty cats. Today I decided to only cause suffering to one of them, Roxy. Bebe is a total scaredy cat so she gets extra traumatized if I attempt to do anything out of the ordinary with her. I had bought this cute little tiger hat costume for Halloween so my cat could match Roman. I forgot about it though, but it looks like I got to make up for it today! Here is the best picture I could get:

Then this happened not too long afterwards:

The sad part is that Roxy is so attention starved that she didn’t even seem to mind all that much today. She was even purring for a little bit. Maybe I should take advantage of this and make her some cute kitty outfits…

Total Cost to Celebrate: $5

Clip of the Day:

Here is a compilation of all the crazy cat ladies’ pets out there:


P.S. – Alright, I take back that idea about outfits for Roxy.