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January 12th Holiday


I never really thought about how important a pharmacist’s job really is. I mean, one minor mix up of pills and poof! Lawsuit central. I, fortunately, do not have to take any pharmaceuticals on a regular basis. Only if I’m sick, then I typically need an antibiotic but that is about it. I have always fully put my trust in the pharmacy team. Do I ever think twice when I get home and started popping those pills that they may not really be what they say they are? Nope. I suppose I always thought being a pharmacist would be a fairly simple and straightforward position. Now that I ponder everything that can go wrong, it seems like it is probably somewhat stressful. For today’s holiday, I decided to show my appreciation to the unsung drug heroes. First, I found out that you can chat with a Walgreen’s pharmacist online. I did have to open an account and enter all my personal info in there just to get to the point of chatting though. It was still worth it, hopefully I brightened this pharmacist’s day just a little:

Next, I stopped off at Target on my way home and took a little detour over to the pharmacy. I wished them all (since I could not decipher who was the actual pharmacist versus the pharmacy workers) a Happy National Pharmacist Day. They seems appreciative and thanked me for the pleasant wishes. I had thoughts of asking if I could take a picture, but I wussed out. Strangers get really weird about getting their picture taken, for good reason too! I’m sure if some random crazy came up to me and wanted to take my pic I probably would be a little hesitant as well. To wrap up, please remember the importance of your pharmacist next time you are filling a prescription. Your life is in their hands….quite literally!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day: 

It’s a Wonderful Life pharmacy scene. I looked for the actual clip from the movie, but had to settle for a live action play version. When I was reading up about pharmacists I saw this reference and it is further proof that if your pharmacist is having an off day, watch out!


P.S. – Wow, that is some stellar acting right there….