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January 10th Holiday


Energy costs are pricey, there is really no way around it. Unless you want to freeze your butt off in the Winter and sweat profusely in the Summer. Living in Michigan, there really isn’t too much in between so you are constantly blowing off energy one way or the other. Fortunately, this Winter has been fairly mild so far. I know it is all about to go downhill though. As much as I would like to think we could go one year without snow, I have a feeling my dreams will not come true. To cut down on some of our energy costs, today I finally programmed our programmable thermostat. Pre-Roman days, it was programmed to adjust for nighttime and daytime temps. After the baby arrived though, it seemed more important to keep the temp consistent in the house rather than to make it almost freezing during the nighttime hours. Plus, there are only 2 days during the week where neither Rich nor I are home during the daytime. Therefore, it was just easier for me to set a constant temp and not fiddle with the different changes each day. Since I was trying to cut costs for today’s holiday, I made the extra 5 minute effort.

I know they say by adjusting your temps just a few degrees it makes a big difference. I guess we shall see, now won’t we? I also had another surprise energy cost cutting revelation today. Roman had been playing with his baby monitor (he is enthralled with anything electronic that he should not be messing with) and I noticed that he had turned it on and could see this lovely picture of his bedroom window:

The camera in his room long ago fell down (also due to Roman messing with the electronic wires) and I failed to realize that it was still turned on all these months. So, I promptly went in there and turned that energy sucking monitor off. I wonder how much that little mishap has cost us?

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

I found a clip of a fellow daily celebrator from last year’s holiday:


P.S. – I didn’t know those bulbs had mercury in them…