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I’d like to think that I keep my desk reasonable clean. Especially when you compare it to the workspaces of many of my co-workers, I’m fairly neat. I usually tidy up at the end of the day because I don’t like walking into a giant pile of papers the next morning. When I left on Friday, I purposely didn’t make things too spiffy, just so I would have a better before and after picture for maximum effect. So, here is the before:

Well, now that I see it in a photo it looks pretty darn messy! I must just be kidding myself thinking I’m all super organized. I got crackin’ and cleaned up that debacle after lunch when I had a little free time. Here is the finished product:

Ahhhh, much improved! I even went so far to get the cleaning solution from the kitchen and sprayed down all those dusty, dark corners. What a difference a few minutes makes. If only I could carry this momentum over to cleaning up my house…

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

I don’t use the word hate too often, so when I do you know I mean business. I hate Barney. I hate him to the point where I flat out refuse to let my child see him on tv. Argh! He’s so annoying!! That being said, every single time I clean up I sing this song…I guess he got into my brain somehow:


P.S. – Did I mention I HATE Barney?