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January 6th Holiday


It’s Bean Day, baby! Time to chow down on some luscious legumes. I like all varieties of beans: black, pinto, green, garbanzo, you name it. I was going to look up a fancy new bean dish to try out today and then I realized I already had a missed opportunity from the holidays. Can you believe I did not encounter a single green bean casserole throughout the entire holiday season? Seriously, not a one. I had to remedy this and today was the day. I already had everything on hand, although I did not have canned beans so I had to use some frozen ones…I wasn’t sure how I felt about this turn of events:

Green bean casserole is one of the easiest and most versatile dishes to make. Plus, it seems like pretty much everyone likes it (I’m sure I will be at least a few people disputing this…):

Rich and I enjoyed our delicious beans today. Although, I prefer this particular dish with canned beans. Rich said he actually liked it better with the frozen beans. Roman, being picky as per usual, was not interested. He chewed on a bean for about 5 minutes and then eventually spit it out…yummy.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $6 – I decided to add up this cost today rather than cop out and say $0 because I already had everything.

Song of the Day:

Pork and Beans by Weezer, one of the greatest bands ever:


P.S. – GO LIONS!!!