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Bi-Bi-Bi-Bird-Bird-Bird, Bird is the word! I could not get that out of my head all day today….thanks Family Guy. As much as I try to avoid that show, Rich is enamored so it sinks into my subconscious (see Clip of the Day for clarification). Now back to the holiday at hand, Bird Day. Today’s holiday encourages everyone to enjoy all the bird world has to offer. It is also to bring attention to the many species of birds that are endangered and facing extinction. I visited the Bird Day website and was happy to find a couple special ways to celebrate today’s holiday. First, I took the bird call quiz:


I ended up guessing 5 out of 8 correctly. I’m impressed by that considering I know nothing about birds. My kitties were pretty into hearing all the birdie noises too! Next up on the website, they are having a bird photo contest. I came home from work with intentions to do a little bird watching in my backyard and get some photos for today’s post. Well, as I was driving home I was looking all around and did not see any birds anywhere. Apparently, suburban Metro Detroit in January is not the greatest place to be if you are a bird. It also got dark within about 15 minutes of me getting home….boo Winter. So, needless to say, I am not going to win any photo contests. To finish up celebrating today’s holiday, I will share with you my favorite bird. It just happens to be the state bird of Michigan too, the American Robin:

Now, it’s not the prettiest bird in the world but it signifies something so awesome that it trumps all those fancy birds out there. When you see your first robin after months of bitter cold and snow, you know that Spring has arrived!! What a great feeling and what a great bird.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

As promised…enjoy getting this stuck in your head:


P.S. – Bird is the word!