Wow, half a year of my holiday adventure is over already! So far I have done and experienced many fun, crazy and just plain strange things. I am looking forward to the second half of this project!

Most visited post – December 23rd’s holiday – A Festivus For The Rest of Us

December 13th – What is your favorite thing about the holiday season poll – We had a tie…again! It was a toss up between Christmas Tree/Decorating and Gift Giving & Receiving.

December 14th – Monkey Day – As you may recall I had one of those little growing toy things for this holiday. Here is what it looked like today, after over 2 weeks in water:

Am I mistaken or did these things used to get way bigger? I seem to remember them getting huge and squishy. This one was neither. Lame. I guess that’s what a buck buys you these days.

December 21st – Crossword Puzzle Day – I received photo proof from 3 lovely ladies who completed my crossword challenge. Karri, Jessie and Vanessa, you all will get a special surprise in the next few weeks. Thanks for playing! (Please let me know if I missed anyone, sometimes I miss e-mails and my phone pic message function is less than stellar.)

Total amount spent celebrating the month: $68.57 – hmmmm… you can see I’m not being quite as hardcore about racking up my expenditures these days. I just figured with a lot of these holidays (Christmas for example) I would have been spending the money anyhow so it didn’t seem right to record it as a special cost. I only have been counting the obscure holidays that I would not normally be celebrating. I felt the need to explain that to you all, but I also am just getting better about not spending as much!

Most expensive holiday this month: Wright Brothers Day – $18

My personal favorite holiday celebration this month: International Ninja Day….sorry Christmas, being a ninja is way cooler.