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December 26th Holidays


I am just the worst when it comes to writing thank you notes. Seriously, I am terrible. I have finally succumbed to the fact that I can say thank you via text, e-mail or Facebook and that is good enough. But what about those lone relatives that haven’t fully entered the information age? You still have to send them the good old snail mail thank you. I have 2 such relatives that sent Roman birthday gifts (yes, over a month ago now) that I have neglected to send thank yous too. I know, like I said before, I’m terrible. I even wrote their addresses down (this is another mental block for me, address retention…maybe that’s why I’m so bad about thank you notes….) and taped it to my kitchen cupboard to remember. It is still taped up there and the notes were still unsent…..until today! I know National Thank You Note Day is the day after Christmas because it is for people to remember to send notes to everyone for the holiday gifts. In my case, I’m still trying to catch up from the last major event around here. I finally wrote out my very long overdue notes:

Ahhhh, I feel better about myself now. It’s always a good feeling sending proper thanks…even if it is a month late.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $.88 for the stamps.


But I wanted a {INSERT RIDICULOUS, OVERPRICED, UNNECESSARY GIFT HERE} for Christmas!! Oh, I did my fair share of whining today, but not about my gifts. I whined about normal after holiday stuff:

“I’m tired.”

“I’m hungry but I’m too lazy to make food, do something about it.”

“I don’t feel good, I think I’m getting Roman’s cold.”

Yes, most of this whining was directed at my lovely husband. He even told me to go back to bed at one point, that’s how annoying I was being. National Whiner’s Day is not about whining though, it’s about quite the opposite. It is a reminder to be grateful for what you already have. It is the day after Christmas to drive home the point that even if you didn’t get exactly what you wanted in the way of gifts, you probably didn’t need that stuff anyhow. Be happy with what you have, that is the lesson of the day. I know that I am not always the best at being grateful for my lot in life. I have stood in front of my bursting closet and proclaimed, “I have nothing to wear!” I have insisted that I need certain things, but most of the time these things are not necessities. I have been trying to be better about it though. I have begun to tell myself, “Use what you already have.” So, on National Whiner’s Day I remind myself that life is good. There is no need to complain and I already have everything I need right here at my disposal.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Song of the Day:

Thank You by Alanis Morissette:

P.S. – Hey Alanis, you might want to go get checked out after sitting bare bottomed on that subway…ew.