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December 25th Holiday


Christmas, Christmastime is heeerrre (in my best Chipmunk voice). As I said yesterday, this year for Christmas we have pretty much focused on Roman. Rich and I never really buy each other too much stuff, but we had no problem buying Roman a ton of things he doesn’t particularly need. He is not really into opening gifts yet and he has about a 4 second attention span, so Christmas morning went down pretty quickly. Here he is ‘opening’ his presents:

Playing with his super cool markers, one of his favorite gifts:

The aftermath. His bongo drums were his other favorite of the day:

It was fun watching Roman play with all of his new stuff. I know next year it will probably be even better because he may be just a little more interested. After our Christmas morning at home, it was off to my Grandma’s house. All four of her sons were in town this year, so that means lots of family pictures!

Don’t they all look alike? Next we brought in the ladies of the family:

Rich, Roman and I even squeezed in a family Christmas pic:

It was great spending time with the family as always on Christmas. It was a long couple of days for Roman (plus, he’s battling a cold) so I was happy to finally be through with all the festivities. Christmas always seems to go really fast, especially as you get older. It’s the most wonderful time of the year….but it’s always a sigh of relief when it is over! 🙂

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0 – nothing extra spent to celebrate.


Song of the Day:

Bruuuuuce! This song always reminds me of putting up the Christmas tree when we were younger. I suppose I should have used this one for yesterday’s post and the Bieber song for today….oh well:


P.S. – Since I am a total slacker and am posting this late, it has sort of lost its luster. Still funny to me though….Roman is not a fan of Santa: