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December 20th Holiday


Today’s holiday honors a strange man, Samuel Mudd.

Who is Samuel Mudd? I asked this very same question. He was a doctor that was convicted of conspiracy against the President after he provided medical attention to John Wilkes Booth after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The details are a bit muddy (pun intended), but Dr. Mudd and Mr. Booth had met prior to the killing of Lincoln. Some historians believe that Mudd knew of Booth’s plan, while others believe that he did not. It is not known if Mudd even knew what had happened when Booth came to him to mend his broken leg which occurred upon fleeing after the shooting.

There are several things that worked against Dr. Mudd though. First, he did not immediately go to the authorities to let them know that he basically harbored a convict after learning about the incident. Second, he failed to admit that he had met John Wilkes Booth on more than one occasion. Those two facts alone led him to his conviction. He was actually one vote short of the death penalty, yikes! I wasn’t sure how to celebrate today’s holiday, it’s definitely an odd one. I decided to pose this question to myself, “Would I knowingly help a friend after they committed a heinous crime?” That’s a tough one. I could ho and hum about the severity of the crime, or how close of a friend it was, but it all comes back to the basic question. My answer is probably yes. I would help my friend in need, but I would also not retain information from the authorities. What would you do?

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Clip of the Day:

COMPLETELY off topic, but a clip of Samuel Mudd seems a bit dry. Instead, here is the trailer for The Hobbit  movie, yay!!!

P.S. – Preciousssss.